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::: If you would like to do a mix for the project, either download the following samples to use as the source material or send me an email and I'll reply with more details and post you a copy of the below versions on an audio cd [unless you're happy to use the mp3 versions of course!]

::: Post your finished submissions (mastered copies preferred) to:
Kath O'Donnell - contact AliaK77 at gmail dot com for details

::: Submissions are due END OCTOBER 2002 so start creating!

::: Any style of electronic music is welcome - the only condition (caveat from Channel Seven) is that NO NEW WORDS/LYRICS BE USED OR ADDED. Sampling the words &/or processing them is OK.

::: The finished promotional cd (not for sale) will be launched as part of the upcoming "Straight Out Of Brisbane" [ ] music/arts festival being held in November 2002.

::: Copies of the cd will be sent to various press/clubs and media outlets for extra promotion for the artists.

::: Check this site for info on Artists and their submissions.

::: Attached are the source files to be used for the project